How do I distress metal guitar parts?

Answer Hitting the Metal Pieces on ConcreteDisassemble the metal parts from the guitar. Strike the metal pieces onto concrete or brick. The concrete will pit the pieces and add light scratches to the meta... Read More »

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How do I age metal guitar parts?

Pitting and AgingPlace all the metal parts into a plastic bin large enough so that they will bang against each other when shaken violently. Place the top on the bin and shake the parts rapidly so t... Read More »

How do I age guitar parts?

Prep WorkTake all of the hardware apart. Be careful when removing the ferrules because it is easy to chip the holes in the headstock. As you take apart the guitar, be sure to keep all the pieces to... Read More »

How to Do Decorative Etching on Metal Parts?

The process of etching has existed for hundreds of years. It involves using chemicals to deepen designs scratched into metal and can be as simple or as elaborate as the artist desires. Artists can ... Read More »

How do I make metal parts at home?

MouldingCreate a mould (also known as injection molding in the industrial setting) or buy a premanufactured mould. Pour a mixture of metal powder and plastic binders into the mould. Break the mould... Read More »