Would you rather have a Great Body and a Terrible self-body-image, or an OK body and a Great self-body-image?

Answer Okay body and great self-body-image. Confidence is attractive and important enough to make up for the eh-ish body. Plus, I know what having a poor image of yourself is like... I would like to live ... Read More »

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Where Is Everybody (body) ..... (body) .... (body) ....?

Epul stfu of they're going to troll the RHH section ...keep the peace we've had...Respect to the R&P section from RHHEDIT: I just got tired of being suspended...EDIT2: I've been suspended about 4-5... Read More »

How to Dispose of Food?

Whether cooking at home or eating out, people tend to waste a lot of food. The United Kingdom and Japan dispose of between 30 and 40 percent of their food every year, and according to the USDA, Ame... Read More »

How to Dispose of Car Coolants?

Due to the potential for high lead content, you must take extra care to dispose of car coolants and antifreeze products properly. First, you must determine whether or not the coolants you want to d... Read More »

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