How do I dispose of Clorox bleach?

Answer Use the City SewerFlush Clorox bleach down the toilet, or pour it down the kitchen drain while running water as you pour the bleach down the drain to dilute the bleach. Remember to flush the toilet... Read More »

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How to Dispose of Unused Clorox Bleach?

In 1913, innovators used an electrolysis process to convert brine from California's San Francisco Bay salt mines into bleach. They named the product Clorox. By the end of the 19th century, Clorox w... Read More »

What is the ph of Clorox bleach?

According to the University of New Mexico, the percentage of hydrogen (pH) level of Clorox bleach is 11.4, similar to that of ammonia. However, the Environmental Protection Agency places the averag... Read More »

Can you put non-clorox bleach in the dishwasher?

It is normal for dishwashes to discharge below the sink into the "S bend" (otherwise called the trap) this trap is there to stop the smell from the drain coming into the house. Often there is a spi... Read More »

How long does clorox bleach last?

Clorox bleach can be stored at temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees F for about six months without losing potency, according to "Survival" After this time, bleach does start to degrad... Read More »