How do I display a flag on a pole?

Answer Displaying the American FlagDisplay the American flag properly by examining the position of the pole. If the pole is vertical or slanted, the blue field, or union, rests at the peak. If displayed f... Read More »

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How Big Should a Flag Be on a 5-Foot Flag Pole?

The United States Postal Service offers a variety of services to meet customers' mailing needs, such as First Class and Priority mail. Available services vary depending on the size, shape and weigh... Read More »

How do I tie a flag to a pole?

Make the KnotsGrasp both ends of the rope and tie firmly into a knot, creating a halyard loop; this is just for the rope, not the flag as of yet. Take the flag snaps, and tie them onto the halyard ... Read More »

A flag pole through my eye?

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Can I mount a flag without a pole?

The U.S. flag can be properly displayed many ways and does not have to be mounted on a pole. For instance, the flag can be suspended vertically from a rope, displayed in a window or draped over a c... Read More »