How do I disable onboard video on a Gateway motherboard?

Answer Onboard video allows Gateway computers to render and display graphics without the need for a dedicated video card but most onboard video processors are unable to handle the complex graphics and sha... Read More »

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How to Disable Onboard Audio & Video?

Modern computers come equipped with sound and video integrated on the motherboard. It saves space and eliminates the need to purchase expansion cards. However, in some cases, using the integrated f... Read More »

How to Disable Onboard/Integrated Video On Your Computer?

This article describes general procedure in disabling the onboard or integrated video solution present on many modern motherboards.Disabling this is sometimes necessary to prevent conflicts with AG... Read More »

How Do I Disable the Onboard Video Graphics Adapter BIOS for the Dell OptiPlex 755?

Most computers come with built-in graphics adapters. These are fine for most everyday usage, but there are times when they're not enough. Today's games and HD-intensive movies require powerful grap... Read More »

How to Disable Onboard Sound?

There are several methods for disabling the on-board audio using the PC platform running any version of the Windows operating system. The on-board sound device can be disabled in the system BIOS pr... Read More »