How do I disable autoplay?

Answer Autoplay is a tool in Microsoft Windows operating systems that automatically opens up a window displaying many different options when a device or storage drive is plugged into the computer. For exa... Read More »

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How to Disable Autoplay USB in the Registry?

The Windows auto-play, or auto-run, feature opens a window of options each time you insert a USB drive into your computer. The auto-run feature automatically starts executable files on the USB driv... Read More »

How to Disable Autoplay and Autorun?

When AutoPlay, or AutoRun, is enabled on your Windows 7 or Vista computer, CDs, DVDs and portable drives launch automatically when you connect them to your computer. You choose in advance the progr... Read More »

How to Disable Autoplay USB in Registry on XP Home?

Windows XP includes a feature called autorun or autoplay that causes the operating system to try to automatically open any media that you put into the drive. Removable USB drives are one of the typ... Read More »

My CD Won't Autoplay?

The autoplay option on a CD is from the addition of an autoplay.inf file located on the root of the CD. You add this file to a CD disk image to use the autoplay function. You can add an autoplay fi... Read More »