How do I digitize some my my old music cassettes?

Answer Yes your Edirol USB will work although if you have a conventional soundcard, you can go directly into the blue (LINE IN) socket.You can use Audacity software which is free, but personally I prefer ... Read More »

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How can I digitize the music on my vinyl albums?…has a decent tutorial on the subject. Warning: the tutorial is also an ad for their turntables. You don't have to buy theirs to do it. You just need a... Read More »

How do I copy my very old music cassettes onto cd.?

you need something like this plugs into the usb port…

How to Transfer Music from Cassettes to an iPod?

When compact disks became the standard in music distribution and playback, cassette tapes fell by the wayside, leaving many listeners stuck using outdated cassette players and old warped tapes to e... Read More »

How to Transfer Music From Audio Cassettes to a Hard Drive?

While audio cassette tapes may hold nostalgic value, they are far from the most convenient or practical means of audio playback. Digitize your audio cassette tape collection if you do not want to d... Read More »