How do I dial overseas phone numbers?

Answer Phone numbers are different all over the world. They differ in how many numbers there are and what it takes to dial from one country to another country. When you see an overseas phone number listed... Read More »

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How do i dial european phone numbers from the usa?

Look up the two- or three-digit telephone code for the country you are going to call. These codes are listed in the information pages of your telephone book, or you can find them through Google by ... Read More »

How to Dial International Phone Numbers from America?

Ever wondered how people call from China to America? Well, this article shows exactly how to call people you know a few thousand miles away.

What Letters Correspond to What Numbers on a Phone Dial Pad?

Phone dial pads have numbers and letters on them. This is so that phone numbers can correspond to words in order to make numbers easier to remember. It also makes text messaging possible. Since the... Read More »

Do all numbers you dial show up on the phone bill?

A number shows up on a landline bill only if it's 1. Billable 2. Completed (as in answered).With certain line share/fax switches, the call may be answered but not connected. They would be the ... Read More »