How do I develop expired film?

Answer Determine the age and storage condition of your expired film as the quality of images you can get from it mainly depends on them. If stored properly, there is a good chance that you can still get i... Read More »

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How to Develop T-Max 100 Film?

Kodak T-MAX 100 is a general purpose professional grade, black and white film. Once you've used the film, you can either take it to a lab to be developed for process it at home using the appropria... Read More »

How to Develop X-Ray Film?

X-ray film, also known as radiographic film, consists of a transparent base with a blue tint on both sides and an emulsion of gelatin that contains silver bromide, silver chloride or other radiatio... Read More »

How to Develop My Own Film for the First Time?

Most photographers at some point in time will process their own film at home. Processing film is all about time and temperature. If you have the right film, in the right chemical at the right tem... Read More »

How do I develop film in a darkroom?

DevelopmentSet the timer for the amount of time needed to develop your specific film type at the temperature of the developer. Pour the developer into the tank and switch on the timer. Agitate cons... Read More »