How do I determine the furnace size for a home?

Answer Determining Furnace SizeCall a qualified HVAC contractor, and ask him to evaluate your home based on climate, insulation and house construction. Energy loss factors--such as windows and foundation ... Read More »

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How do I determine the proper size of furnace needed for a home?

Choosing an Appropriate Size FurnaceMeasure the square footage of the home. Each home needs a certain amount of output BTUs, or British Thermal Units, per square foot. Depending on the climate in y... Read More »

How do I calculate furnace size to the size of a home?

Calculate Square FootageMeasure the number of square feet of your home that need to be heated by the furnace. Include hallways, closets and the basement if it will be heated. Alternately, you may a... Read More »

What size furnace should a 700 sq ft home have?

The right furnace for a 700 foot home will vary depending on where it is located. A 16,000 BTU furnace is adequate for Los Angeles, but cities like Saint Paul require 28,000 BTUs. Issues such as in... Read More »

What size of a gas furnace is needed for your home?

On One Hand: Rough EstimateTo estimate the size of a gas furnace needed for a home, multiply the square footage of the home by 30 to 60, depending on the climate region of the country. Warmer areas... Read More »