How do I determine return on investment?

Answer Find Original Investment ValueSearch through your records to find the original cost of your investment. To find your total return on investment, net of fees, you will need the entire transaction co... Read More »

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Why use a return on investment?

The return on investment can be used to determine the profitability between two projects, investments or products. To calculate the return on investment, take the amount of earnings from an investm... Read More »

How do I estimate return on investment?

Calculate Profit or LossSubtract the cost of the investment from the final value of the investment to calculate your profit or, if the investment has lost value, the loss, on the investment. If you... Read More »

The Importance of Return on Investment?

Return on investment, also known as "ROI," is an important measure in investing. Return on investment can be used to measure the value of an entire company or of a specific investment that a compan... Read More »

How do I calculate a return on a capital investment?

Gross ReturnThe gross return on an investment is how much money you sold it for when you cashed it out. If you sold 100 shares of stock for $100 each, your gross return would be $10,000. Gross retu... Read More »