How do I determine if my condo association has filed?

Answer It depends on what you believe the association may have filed; since you chose the Liens category, one can assume that you want to know if there is a lien on your title.You can ask the local county... Read More »

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What is the formula to determine the needed reserves for a condo association given the size and age of the condo properties?

The basic way is to identify the components there really is NO specific formula.Set a standard for replacement:Say any item that would cost $10000 to replaceNow you take the useful life span of the... Read More »

How do you determine if your condo association is incorporated?

An association is obligated to renew its non-profit license -- if your association is a non-profit corporation -- with your secretary of state on an annual basis. Its corporate standing within the ... Read More »

What is the maximum amount that a condo association or homeowner's association can recover via Florida's super lien statute and does it vary between HOAs and condo associations?

You have asked a complex and interesting question. It is difficult to find much information on "Super Liens" in Florida. The following is general information only and should not be construed as leg... Read More »

If condo association forecloses on an owner does the lender pursue deficiency judgment against the owner or condo association?

Your attorney can help you answer this question, since it requires a legal answer.