How do I determine if a crayfish is male or female?

Answer General AppearanceExamine the tail and pincers of the crayfish. Generally, male crayfish have larger pincers than females but thinner tails. Although pincer and tail size can serve as a good guide ... Read More »

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How are male&female crayfish different?

Tiny lobster-like crayfish are found in fresh waters all across the world. These typical three-inch crustaceans are characterized by a jointed head and middle section, a segmented body, antenna and... Read More »

How do i determine if goldfish are male or female?

Identifying Male GoldfishExamine the goldfish. Look for small white bumps along the gills, which males display when they are nearing spawning times. These may extend down the pectoral fin. These sp... Read More »

How do I determine if a bird is a male or female?

ColorExamine the coloring of the birds. In some bird species, such as mallard ducks and house finches, coloring between males and females differs. Typically the male is brighter in color than the f... Read More »

Does the male or female determine the size of a puppy?

A puppy's potential growth is determined by the breed and size of both parents, According to However, when one parent is big and one small, the mother dog's size is a more important f... Read More »