How do I determine a male rainbow lorikeet from a female rainbow lorikeet?

Answer Sexing by SightRainbow lorikeets are not sexually dimorphic, which means there is no visual difference between males and females. While you can observe your bird for hormonal behaviors that may hin... Read More »

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Rainbow Lorikeet Cage Training?

The rainbow lorikeet derives its name from its bright, varicolored plumage. Its resplendent coat of colors often captivates animal lovers, making this bird a common choice when looking for pet bird... Read More »

What Proportions of Male to Female Rainbow Fish Can Be Kept?

Rainbow fish are a relatively small class of tropical fish from the southern hemisphere. These are divided into numerous species, all renowned for their bright colors. The question of how many male... Read More »

How do I determine if a bird is a male or female?

ColorExamine the coloring of the birds. In some bird species, such as mallard ducks and house finches, coloring between males and females differs. Typically the male is brighter in color than the f... Read More »

How do I determine if a crayfish is male or female?

General AppearanceExamine the tail and pincers of the crayfish. Generally, male crayfish have larger pincers than females but thinner tails. Although pincer and tail size can serve as a good guide ... Read More »