How do I detect connection speed with Javascript?

Answer Detecting the speed of a connection in Javascript requires a little bit of programming with the getTime() function and an XMLHttpRequest. The getTime() function returns the number of milliseconds t... Read More »

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Detect if JavaScript Is Disabled?

This is advanced JavaScriptIn a web page, having JavaScript in it can greatly enhance the experience for the user. Whether it is used to create pop-ups, or validate form data, it makes the web beau... Read More »

How to Detect Pop-Up Blocker in Browsers Using JavaScript?

A Bing, Google or Yahoo search for "pop-up blocker" returns pages of results. Internet surfers want to learn how to use pop-up blockers and software developers want to sell them. As a web developer... Read More »

How to Detect Disabled JavaScript With Ajax?

Ajax and JavaScript work together to provide a user interface for querying a database without the need to refresh the page. This means that you can run a query and show results to your users withou... Read More »

Can a cop detect you with a speed gun if Ur on a motorbike if Ur going over speed limit?

Yes thye can. But see Motor Cycle News website for how to get off the charge - hand-held laser guns have not been tested on motorcycles, so the evidence is not valid in law.