How do I deposit money in a checking account?

Answer Use a Deposit SlipFill out a deposit slip using your checking account number and the amount you wish to deposit. Be sure to date the slip, and separate cash from checks if there are separate sectio... Read More »

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How do i open a non-deposit checking account?

Free Student AccountsOpen a student account with a nationally-accredited FDIC bank that offers free checking accounts to full-time students. Open a no-fee account through a national bank with "no b... Read More »

How do I deposit Euros in a Wachovia checking account?

Open an International AccountDeposit Euros from regular transactions and international business transactions in a specialized corporate account, which will save time and money in the long run. Wach... Read More »

How do I deposit a foreign check into a checking account?

CommunicationTalk to a bank representative about the bank's foreign check policy so you know what you are dealing with and the expected wait time for the check to clear. The bank will pay you in U.... Read More »

Are checking account numbers&direct deposit different?

A checking account number is assigned to your account. A routing number is the unique number associated with the bank. Direct deposit uses both of these numbers. The routing number directs money t... Read More »