How do I deposit a foreign currency check?

Answer Ask your bank representative if the bank will accept a foreign check to be directly deposited into your bank account. If it will, inquire about applicable currency conversion rates and fees from th... Read More »

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How do I deposit a foreign currency check with HSBC?

Prepare the DepositComplete a deposit slip and endorse the check by signing on the back of it.Visit the BankDeliver the endorsed check and deposit slip to an HSBC bank teller. Depending on the type... Read More »

How do I deposit a foreign check into a checking account?

CommunicationTalk to a bank representative about the bank's foreign check policy so you know what you are dealing with and the expected wait time for the check to clear. The bank will pay you in U.... Read More »

How long does it take to clear a foreign currency check?

The time it takes for foreign currency checks to clear depends on several variables such as a person's bank, the country the check is drawn on and the amount of the check. In some cases it can take... Read More »

Does ace check cashing convert foreign currency in phoenix, arizona?

Ace Check Cashing does not convert foreign currency at any physical location, according to Kent Orton, a financial director at Ace Check Cashing's corporate office in Irving, Texas. Ace does offer ... Read More »