How do I delete write protected programs?

Answer Restart your computer and run in Safe Mode. Safe mode can be accessed by hitting "F8" as the computer boots up.Navigate to the folder containing the program file and right-click on it. Select "Prop... Read More »

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How Do I Delete Write-Protected Files?

Shut down your computer and leave it off for a few minutes.Turn the computer back on and activate safe mode. This mode is activated differently depending on which operating system you have running.... Read More »

How do you delete pictures off sd memory card whe it says write protected?

well if the camera lens is not droped and kept in good condition 25-35 years

How do I delete protected files?

Start the computer in Safe mode by tapping the "F8" key on your keyboard. Move the arrow keys up or down until "Safe Mode" is selected and then hit the "Enter" key. Navigate to the protected file y... Read More »

What the disk is write protectedremove the write protected?

Logitec Harmony any one the all work the same i love mine.