How do I delete webpages on the Internet?

Answer M8 if youi want to delete a website nuber 1 find out the admins email then send him a good c++ keylogger it will get his password and then you can delete it that is the simplest way

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How do i delete.all the previos webpages from my address toolbar?

Go to the Tools Menu..then select internet options menu item from the list and in the window opened select clear history..this will clear all the previous address in the adress bar..Tools-> Interne... Read More »

Can someone still tell what you've been viewing on the internet even if you delete the internet history?

stop looking at porn and you wont have to worry about that !!!!!!

How do I delete my Internet cookies?

Open your Internet browser. On the top menu, select the "Tools" option, then select "Internet options" or just "Options". A small window will pop up.Select either the "Delete", "Privacy" or "Delete... Read More »

How do I delete an Internet Explorer URL?

Click on the "Start" menu type "regedit" in the "Search Programs and Files" box and press "Enter". The Windows Registry Editor opens.Locate the following registry entry in the left pane of the Wind... Read More »