How do I delete viruses on my computer?

Answer Install antivirus software. Purchase the program at a local computer retailer or online. Some software is free, but you have to make sure it is a good program by checking with sources like CNet or ... Read More »

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How do i delete computer viruses?

Click "Start" in Windows 7. Then click "All Programs" and "Windows Update."Click on "Check for Updates" and then click on "Install Updates." Windows will automatically install security updates whic... Read More »

Will reformatting my computer delete all viruses?

The answer is yes. Definitly.The virus can only live on your hard drive. Some of they may distroy your motherboard, but can not live there, because the data in CMOS of motherboard can not be excute... Read More »

How to Delete Viruses From Your Computer for Free?

According to, viruses are malicious programs that can copy themselves and share data over the Internet. They may cause computer slowdowns, data corruption and a good number of oth... Read More »

How to Reset My Computer to Delete Viruses?

Your computer is fried from virus infections to the point that it just doesn't operate properly. You have only two good options. You can buy a new computer or you can reset the one you have. Obviou... Read More »