How do I delete the places I've looked up on google?

Answer there is no way off deleting then sorry i asked a computer scientist there's no way sorry

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How do i delete the things i looked up on google- google images?……

How do i delete what i looked for on the internet?

But now you just told the whole world what you were up to!!! Hope your mom is not online reading this...does she like Yahoo answers??? Go to your search box and click the downward arrow.Click "clea... Read More »

How can you find something that has been looked for in all the places it could possible be three tims?

Then most likely it has been left in a place you've thought it less likely to be. Sometimes if we look in a place so many times we 'see' what we expect to be there, and won't notice the small diffe... Read More »

How do u clear the history of what uve looked up on google?

you go to tools, internet options, then clear history - hope this helps