How do I delete stored passwords in XP?

Answer Click on the "Start" icon and select "Run." Type in "Control keymgr.dll" without the quotes and hit "Enter." Select the stored password you wish to remove (for example, a stored password for the Wi... Read More »

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How to Delete Stored Passwords in XP?

The process you need to follow in order to delete a stored password in Windows XP depends upon what type of password it is. The procedure for deleting a user account password, for instance, is diff... Read More »

In what .rar files are MSN passwords stored on my PC?

Passwords are not stored in a .rar file by MSN on your computer. You may have your browser configured to store your user ID and passwords, but that is in a cookie that can be read by the website yo... Read More »

How to Find Stored Passwords in a Web Browser?

With email accounts, online banking, social networking sites and a multitude of other sites requiring usernames and passwords, trying to remember each password presents a challenge for most people.... Read More »

Where are web page passwords stored on my computer?

Web page passwords can be saved by a web browser on a personal computer. Generally, the web page passwords are stored in the computer's Registry program. The Registry is a configuration database ... Read More »