How do I delete songs from itunes!!!?

Answer First make sure you have your Ipod connected. Then on the left side of the Itunes your Ipod will show up under your name. Click your ipod. On the right side it will show a pic of the Ipod Touch, an... Read More »

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Can you delete songs from iTunes Library without it removing the songs from the iPod?

You canThis is something apple doesnt stress enough and I dont understand why not since more people would rather use the manual mode than the sync.When your ipod is connected to itunes in that main... Read More »

How do i delete songs off my i pod using itunes?

That depends on if you want to keep them in your library on your computer or not.If you want to keep them in your iTunes library, but take them off of your iPod, then you'll need to do a few things... Read More »

Delete songs off IPhone 4 via ITunes?

Delete all the music files in ur itunes library and sync ur iphone...Then add new songs to ur library and sync again...If u dont want to lose music from ur library,Click on the iphone tab and go to... Read More »

How Do You delete songs off a burned CD using iTunes I want to use the CD again.?

Even if you have a Rewriteable CD (CD-RW) it really isn't worth it. It takes time and electric to erase the CD and rewrite it. (This has to be done even if you only want to remove one track).Blank ... Read More »