How do I delete someone off my facebook?

Answer Ok, go to Facebook.Go to your friend's page that you want to delete.On the left, underneath all their photos and friends, there is a 'remove from friends' link.Click on that. Hope I helped!

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Is it rude to delete someone from Facebook?

It's not rude at all. They don't receive a notification to say that they have been removed as a friend. I only just noticed a little while ago that one of my old friends had deleted me on Facebook ... Read More »

If I block someone on Facebook but not delete them will they notice?

when you block someone, they are automatically removed from your friends listunless you are confusing "blocking" someone with "not letting them see your status update"

Can someone tell me how or where to go to delete my account facebook as well thank you?

Why would ya want to do that? Don't leave , you are well liked so stay have some fun

Could someone delete this page

no one here can delete pages on facebook - all you can do it report it, and if facebook agrees that it is abusive, they will delete itif they disagree, there is nothing you can do about it except j... Read More »