How do I delete resent google searches?

Answer there are many ways doing this based on the browser you are can read my full article about this here..…Hope this helpsToyang Qhttp://tipsandtric... Read More »

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How can i delete old searches on google (on a mac) ?

Everyone else is wrong.Yes, you want to clear history, caches, and cookies, but in order for the searches on Google to stop appearing when you start typing, you have to remove the autofill form. If... Read More »

How do you delete past searches that are on google?

delete browsing history. on explorer this will be found in the tools tab and in firefox on the history tab.

How can i delete all my previous google searches?

1. Go to the “Tools” menu 2. Select “Internet Options” 3. Select the “Content” tab 4. Within the “Personal Information” area, select “AutoComplete” * To clear the... Read More »

How to delete google history in searches?

the only way you can delete history is doing it from the actual internet history button. you cant however do it from specific sites *ie google if she looked something up on google then its stuck th... Read More »