How do I delete programs in Windows?

Answer Access the UtilityGo to the Start menu. Go to the Control Panel. Look in the list for "Programs" or "Programs and Features."Choose the ProgramChoose the program from the list that you wish to remov... Read More »

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How do I delete startup programs on Windows 2000?

Start the computer in Safe mode. Tap the "F8" key as soon as the computer powers on. Move the arrow key to "Safe mode" to select it and then press "Enter." Click on the "Start" icon and then click ... Read More »

Can i delete old windows update logs out of the windows directory from my server?

Windows update logs can be removed from a personal computer or server by following these steps. Turn off the Windows Automatic Updates service. Delete the Windows update log file. Restart the Wind... Read More »

How Do I Delete TI-85 Programs?

Step 1Turn on the TI-85 calculator, on the main screen press "2nd" and press "mem."Step 2Select "DELET" and press "'PRGM."Step 3Select the program of your choice and press "Enter." If there are mul... Read More »

How to Delete Ti-85 Programs?

The TI-85 is a surprisingly powerful scientific calculator. It can not only perform more than adequately in the classroom, it is possible to use it as a general-purpose computer. Indeed, actual o... Read More »