How do I delete one or more files from a CD?

Answer We can't delete files from a CD, unless it is a re-writable one......Have a great day sweet friend :-)

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Can I delete files from my hard drive?

You can delete files from your hard drive, but you should be cautious because your operating system needs certain ones. Use a clean sweep utility to get rid of junk files and "Add/Remove Programs" ... Read More »

I want to sell my old PC, how do I delete all files from the harddrive?

So, if you try to reinstall XP you'll find that it takes many, many hours to restore the system to the state it is today. Formatting the disk does NOT remove your personal information. I would sell... Read More »

How do I permanently delete porn files from my computer?

It is possible, though fairly unlikely to be able to recover files from a hard drive even if you have used one of the many drive eraser type programmes on the market.The most effective way to ensur... Read More »

How do i delete files permanently from the hard drive?

Delete FileDelete the file by selecting its icon and pressing the Delete key. Alternatively, you can click and drag the icon into the Recycle Bin (for Windows operating systems) or the Trash (for M... Read More »