How do I delete my Google search history from my computer?

Answer To fully answer that question we would need to know which browser you use and whether you use any other Google products such as their toolbar or have an account with them. The steps to remove the d... Read More »

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How do I fix this now I can't delete my google history from the google search bar?

reinstall the your browser!a way to delete your history from your computer (idk if it deletes it from the program)1. goto start > Run > type "CMD.EXE"2. black screen appears3. Type "IPCONFIG /DISPL... Read More »

How To Delete Google Search History?

And don't you want to keep it that way? Right now, Windows is storing hidden records of everything you are doing on the Internet. Do you want your boss, kids, or spouse to see those records? Protec... Read More »

Delete Google Search history?

Many programs claim that they clean the search history of Google search engine. I personally prefer Mil Shield software. The reasons: - It is a stable and advanced system cleaner. - It cleans reall... Read More »

Can I delete my Google search history?

According to Google, you can clear your Google search history from the Google Toolbar, Google search box or your web browser's address bar. Browser-specific instructions are available on Google's "... Read More »