How do I delete iTunes library without removing them from iPod?

Answer its best to leave them after a certain amount of time your Ipod will require a resync to update license, if you delete the songs you may need to repurchase them.I am not entirely sure but if you ch... Read More »

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Can you delete songs from iTunes Library without it removing the songs from the iPod?

You canThis is something apple doesnt stress enough and I dont understand why not since more people would rather use the manual mode than the sync.When your ipod is connected to itunes in that main... Read More »

How to delete songs from ipod without deleting them from itunes?

When your ipod is plugged in to the computer and itunes is running go to the menu and enable disk use and manual manage the music. Then after go to the side where it shows your ipod hit the triangl... Read More »

Is it possible to sync a new iTunes library to an iPod without having to erase the old library first?

AnswerYes. First you use TouchCopy to copy all your content from your iPod to your new iTunes library. It's a free download on Then use iTunes to re-sync your iPod. This will add... Read More »

How do you put ipod music on to your itunes library from a different computer without erasing?

Answer Step 1, Networking tow computers. If you do not know how to Network Windows with Mac OS X, go there:, Go to preferences, under the shar... Read More »