How do I delete& format a U3 Cruzer?

Answer Insert Flash CruzerPlug the SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive into one of your computer's USB slots. Double-click on the "My Computer" or "Computer" folder. Right click on the drive letter associated... Read More »

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How can I delete& format a U3 Cruzer?

Find the DriveInsert the U3 Cruzer into a USB port on your computer. Click the "Start" button and double-click on "My Computer."FormatRight-click on the removable disc and click on "Format." Determ... Read More »

How do I format a Cruzer USB?

Connect Cruzer USBInsert the Sandisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive in one of the computer's USB slots. Open the "My Computer" folder and right-click the flash drive (it will appear as a Removable Disk ic... Read More »

How do I format a Cruzer to Fat32?

Connect Cruzer to the ComputerInsert the SanDisk Cruzer USB Flashdrive into one of the USB slots on your computer. The Cruzer will appear as a "Removable Disk" on your desktop or in the "My Comput... Read More »

What is a cruzer switch…?

The Cruzer I know is a USB Flash drive (SanDisk That you can store computer data on. I have a couple of them.