How do I delete any evidence of previous sites that I have been to?

Answer Please follow this path. Tools> internet options> content> auto complete> clear forms. To stop the generation of history in the future, uncheck d box of forms. U will get ur problem solved

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Is it possible to delete history of sites visited on pc so police or anyonecfant trace what u been doing?

There is no sure fire way of deleting things permanently and they can still be recovered unless you remove your HDD or destroy it.....

Does fb delete fb accounts that have been temporarily locked by it after some time?

It had happend wid my old fb acc. They ask me for security check by tag identity. I cant geuss them. After 10 day my acc had been deleted. Some seq. Verifications done by mail or cell number. If we... Read More »

How to Delete Any Sites You Have Created on the Internet?

The internet is filled with various sites for information, and areas which allow freedom of expression, but what if you no longer need such sites, or want to delete those that are no longer importa... Read More »

How do I delete the history of all internet sites I have visited?

Easy way: download ccleaner ( a freeware) and install it and run it whenever you visit "those sites". This freeware cleans all cookies, catches and temp files too ..Great tool!