How do I delete an article I have created on wiki?

Answer You cannot directly delete an article from Wikipedia: Only Wikipedia administrators can delete pages.You can, however, *request* that a page be deleted by an administrator.If you've just created th... Read More »

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Survey: Have you ever edited an article or created an article in Wikipedia?

How do u make a wiki article?

Just register in Wiki and you can make by clicking create article icon.

When you read a Wiki article, do you check the sources?

I check the sources, but I rarely read Wikipedia articles. In fact, I usually disregard anything other than the references cited and the external links. I can get almost any book from the library, ... Read More »

I just created my own wiki, what can i do to spread word about it?

Create And Edit Articles, Join Talks, Email Your Relatives About Yourself, Tell Everyone On MySpace, Xanga Or Facebook, Have a Genuine Userpage And / Or Talkpage, And Finally, Have Fun With Your Ne... Read More »