How do I delete Facebook comments on the IPhone app?

Answer You just slide your finger to the left and a 'Delete' button will appear..-Oh yes,you're right,the only solution is to get by your phone browser in Facebook and delete it there.

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How to Delete Comments on Facebook?

You cannot take back words in every day conversations. You can, however, get rid of online comments retroactively while using Facebook. If you regret posting something, be it on your wall or a frie... Read More »

If i delete my facebook will my posts and comments disapear too ?

Yes they will but that would be taking out about 80% of your social life!:D

If I deactivate my facebook account, will it delete the comments I made on other friends updates, pics, etc.?

When u deactivate ur profile (timeline) and all of the info associated with it disappears from facebook immediately .However , this info is saved just in case you want to come back BUT when u parm... Read More »

How can you delete posts on the iPhone facebook app?

Put your finger on the comment and swipe to the left