How do I decorate tote bags?

Answer PaintUse fabric paint to add some color to your tote. Dip a paintbrush into some fabric paint, or use a fabric paint pen. Paint random shapes to make an abstract design, or paint a scene or object.... Read More »

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How to Make Use of Promotional Tote Bags for Your Business?

Using wholesale tote bags for building up your brand is not only affordable but also effective. They can offer a lot of benefits to both you and the recipient. You can give it out to boost the expo... Read More »

How to Make Covered Cord Handles for Tote Bags?

One of the best things about making your own bags is the variety of options available to make the bag unique. There are countless options for handles, and one of the easiest and strongest options ... Read More »

How long does it take plastic bags to decompose in a landfill vs. paper bags?

In a landfill, neither a paper bag nor a plastic bag will decompose. Landfills are made to be stable and dry, preventing the decomposition of anything, even biodegradable material, due to the lack ... Read More »

How many plastic bags will be saved by using reusable bags at the supermarkets?

Humans use more than 500 billion plastic bags a year, according to ReusableBags . That translates to about 1 million plastic bags a minute. In Ireland, a plastic bag tax was enacted in 2002. Prior ... Read More »