How do I declare this prototype C++?

Answer Yes, what you have is correct. It would be 'nice' to specify the parameter name, but it is optional.The following are all pretty much identical in semantics:void bubbleSort(int[]);void bubbleSort(i... Read More »

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How to Get a Prototype Made?

Getting a prototype made for your invention idea is a necessary step before proceeding to spend money on its production. Unexpected complications may arise, but you may not know these problems even... Read More »

What is prototype development?

Prototype development is a process of taking a concept and turning it into the first of many products a company will sell. From large firms to a handful of people can use prototype development.Engi... Read More »

How to Create a Prototype of a Doll?

Creating a one of a kind doll takes artistic skill, but if you are considering marketing your doll to the general public, it will also mean creating a prototype. A prototype is a three-dimensional ... Read More »

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