How do I decalcify a Krups espresso machine?

Answer Decalcifying your espresso machine is a simple process that is vital to maintain the life of your machine and enhance the flavor of your brew. Everyday use causes harmful minerals to build up insid... Read More »

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What is the procedure for making espresso with a Krups espresso machine?

Depending on the Krups model you have, the process of making espresso will vary slightly, though the basic procedure will remain the same: Grind, fill, tamp and steam. Espresso is the traditional w... Read More »

How do I decalcify an espresso machine?

Adding Decalcifying ChemicalRemove the water reservoir of your espresso machine and rinse the machine with tap water. Add warm tap water to the water reservoir along with a decalcifying chemical (c... Read More »

How do I use a Krups espresso cappuccino machine?

PreparationPut the filter basket in the filter holder, and add ground espresso to the desired number of cups. Fit the filter into the machine. Fill the carafe with fresh water to the appropriate le... Read More »

How do I Use a Krups Espresso Machine to Heat Water With the Steam Nozzle?

Many people are purchasing their own household espresso machines in order to make their coffee and tea drinks at home. The Krups espresso machine comes with a steam nozzle attached that is used to... Read More »