How do I deal with people that complain all the time?

Answer Remain indifferent while listening to someone who is complaining. Allow him or her to express themselves, but do not get too caught up in their problems. Do not create an opinion, and just listen t... Read More »

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How to Deal With People Who Always Complain?

There are a lot of annoying people out there who like to whine and complain about others for no reason. Many of these people are passive aggressive sorts. This step by step guide will (hopefully) h... Read More »

What are some jobs that people have that deal with weather?

Why is it that people still complain about smokers like me?

I smoke to wish i could quit but its hard i did for a year, but yes i agree, you know what i cant stand is when your smoking outside and someone has the nerve to complain about the smell for people... Read More »

Why do people always complain that ipods don't have an FM tuner?

It's like hearing the radio connects you with humanity in some kind of way. When you're only listening to what you like, it kind of isolates you. That's what I think.And in my particular case, I li... Read More »