How do I cut back willow trees?

Answer Examine the willow tree and look for dead, diseased branches, or branches that cross each other. With a saw remove unwanted branches at the thick section at the base of the limb. This is called the... Read More »

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Are willow trees edible?

Willow bark was once commonly brewed as a medicinal tea. The inner bark and leaves of the white willow are edible, as well. Pussy willow also produces an edible sap product.Source:Gawmless End: The... Read More »

How do I propagate willow oak trees?

Collect AcornsCollect strong acorns in the fall from willow oak trees. Acorns will be shed from trees that are 25 years old or older. Acorns should be collected immediately after they fall. If you ... Read More »

How do I plant willow trees?

LocationPlant the the tree in a sunny area that is as far from structures as the width of the tree's above-ground branches, as willow tree roots are known to travel to find water and can break thro... Read More »

How do I buy weeping willow trees?

Buying a Weeping WillowWhen shopping for a weeping willow the trees are young and smaller than a full-sized weeping willow. When looking, you may notice that the saplings may look a little wilted a... Read More »