How do I cure holes in tonsils?

Answer Tonsils are gland-like organs at the back of your throat. Holes are actually a natural occurring part of the tonsils as your tonsils are filled with folds, recesses and holes thought to filter bact... Read More »

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How can you manage holes in tonsils?

Tonsil holes, or crypts, are a normal part of the tonsils. As we age, the tonsils shrink causing the holes to deepen. Food, dead cells, debris and mucous then collect in these holes and bacteria fe... Read More »

Strange looking holes on tonsils?

This might be tonsil stones and if so your breath will be real bad. What you can do is getting some mouthwash and start to gargle to get these stuff out of it. It even might help you to get the swe... Read More »

Pussy discharge in tonsils throat what is the cause in pockets of tonsils? have tonsillitis, get to a pharmacy! =]

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