Is there a cure for aids yet?

Answer There is currently no vaccine against HIV or AIDS. The only known methods of prevention are based on avoiding exposure to the virus or, failing that, on an antiviral treatment directly after a high... Read More »

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Is there no cure for aids?

Decide for yourself and read the link below. Due to the lack of drug companies wanting to make money actual testing here has not been able to be verified.

Um do u think they eva find the cure for aids?

There is no cure for HIV at the moment, but scientist are indeed working on one, since it has been proven that a cure is possible, because of "The Berlin Patient" (First and Only man on Earth ever ... Read More »

Why is there much delay in finding a cure for AIDS?

The doctor's, pharmacies, and various other organizations make too much money without a cure. Think of all the money they would lose on pills, treatments, ect. if there was a cure. It isn't just AI... Read More »

Quacks : do you think homeopathy or reiki can cure cancer or AIDS?

"Simply removing an affected subject from the cause of the 'disease' (progressive ailment) will allow for the body to pick up and expel anything it eventually neutralizes." Good grief, what a load ... Read More »