How do I create your own beats free?

Answer Music stars are pumping out hits faster than ever before and many are using advances in technology to make their music. In the past it was necessary to spend money on tools such as keyboards, drum ... Read More »

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How to Create Your Own Beats Online for Free?

Beats in music refer to the rhythm or tempo of a song. Offline, you can measure beats using a metronome, or simply listen to the rhythmic pulse of a drum. There are many free beat-making applicatio... Read More »

How to Create Your Own R&B Beats?

R&B is a very prominent genre in today's music. Artists like Usher, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige dominate the airwaves with top 10 hits. In this article, We are going to discuss how to c... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats Online for Free?

While most hip hop music creation software can be expensive, there are many options that allow you to compose your own hip hop beats online for free. And although some hip hop beat creation website... Read More »

How to Make Hip Hop Beats on Your Computer for Free?

The most distinguishing element of the hip hop genre is by and large the beat. The thump of a hard-hitting kick drum and crack of a well placed snare, accented by the rhythmic clatter of a crisp h... Read More »