How do I create screenshots like those of wikipedia?

Answer Probably by using alt-[Print Screen] and pasting into an image program, or via the Snipping Tool application. See <… > for an in-depth guide.On a Mac, the... Read More »

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How to Use Paint.NET to Create Screenshots? is a small, free graphics program that will enable you to do a lot of things. You can create screenshots, make avatars, resize photos and a myriad of other things. This article will be ab... Read More »

How to Create Screenshots With ScreenDASH!?

ScreenDASH! opening screenScreenshots have a myriad of uses. You can show your scores off, take a screen shot of a conversation for evidence, or illustrate a wikiHow article! There are many ways of... Read More »

How to Create Effective Screenshots?

A properly notated screenshotNo, this article isn't meant to tell you the physical process of creating a screenshot with your chosen software, but what to do with your screenshot to help it do what... Read More »

How to Use IrfanView to Create Screenshots for wikiHow?

Irfanview Home Page Screen - Note the squashed 'something'You are working on an article...possibly a 'how-to' about a software program and you want to show some screenshots to help you with your ex... Read More »