How do I create multiple directories from an Excel spreadsheet?

Answer Create a New ColumnOpen your spreadsheet full of directories in Excel. The directories should all be in column A. Click on the gray box labeled "A" at the top of the column, and pull down the "Ins... Read More »

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How to Open Multiple CSV Files in One Excel Spreadsheet?

Join multiple CSV files in separate Excel spreadsheets into one to reduce paging between different spreadsheets and increase productivity. Merging CSV files into one spreadsheet involves the comman... Read More »

How do I create a spreadsheet with Excel?

LabelingLabel the columns or rows of your spreadsheet to correspond to your data. Click on the cell you want to label, and enter the label in the tool bar at the top of the screen. You can also typ... Read More »

How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet Without Excel?

There are numerous spreadsheet software programs that can serve as alternatives to Microsoft Excel, most of which are available for download from the Internet at little or no cost. Despite some dif... Read More »

How to Create an Image from a Excel Spreadsheet?

Making an image file from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can be useful in certain situations, such as designing a tutorial or presenting a graphical representation of a chart or graph. There are num... Read More »