How do I create more memory?

Answer You can, you could plug the external hard drive in one of your USB ports, but it won't make the computer faster. From what it sounds like, you need to upgrade your memory, or usually referred to as... Read More »

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How Can I Restore More Memory to My Computer That Is Low on Memory?

Every computer program or process that is running on your computer requires and uses memory. Your computer has a limited amount of memory depending on what is installed. If you keep opening program... Read More »

Does more pc memory mean more speed?

Yes memory does increase speed but not the by expanding your harddrives memory. The memory your looking for is called Ram memory. If you go to and look under ram memory there is a progr... Read More »

A Secure Digital memory card is faster and more secure than a Compact Flash memory card true or false?

More memory?

its an easy thing to do, once you have found the type that you need - if the machine is old, you may have difficulties getting memory slow enough to be compatiblegood luckAndy