How do I create a link to a specific section in an article?

Answer Hi there. Sorry for my last answer...I thought that that was what you meant....I will reanswer this question now.If you want to link an article to a section of another article, use the following f... Read More »

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If you provide reliable sources to an article or talk section of an article on ...?

You need reliable sources to back up your facts. Part of a movie or video may be a reliable source (yet a primary source), but should never be uploaded; it would violate the copyright of the movie ... Read More »

What did section 9 of article 1 allow?

The Article provides that Congress consists of a House of Representitives and the Senate

What does article 4 section 1 state?

all states have to honor all other statesall states have to honor all other states

I am looking for an article with specific words on Google, and when i search it the links do show up?

when you are typing them, Google is showing all sorts of results, not necessarily articles. You can do one thing, after you get a search result with any of the keyword, look at the right side of th... Read More »