How do I create a background image using wiki code?

Answer For the purposes of this answer, I'm assuming you're talking about a MediaWiki-based wiki (i.e. a wiki using the same wiki engine as Wikipedia). There are many wiki engines out there, and they vary... Read More »

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How to Create a Background Image Using Paint?

This is just an easy way to make a background image using paint.

How to Create an Image With a Transparent Background Using Chasys Draw IES?

Altered flowerChasys Draw IES is a program that is different from the norm, and in this day of so many cookie cutter businesses and software, that is not a bad thing. Here is how you create a trans... Read More »

How to Make an Image With No Background Using Paint.Net?

If you want to create an image without a background to it, you must create a transparent background layer. With Paint.NET, a free image editing application, you can change your bottom layer to be t... Read More »

How to Create an Image Map Using Gimp?

You can dress up your website or personal start page with an image map with your favorite sites that you like to visit. There is a lot of software that you can do it, but this article will use Gimp.