How do I create a background image using wiki code?

Answer For the purposes of this answer, I'm assuming you're talking about a MediaWiki-based wiki (i.e. a wiki using the same wiki engine as Wikipedia). There are many wiki engines out there, and they vary... Read More »

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How to Create a Background Image Using Paint?

This is just an easy way to make a background image using paint.

How to Create an Image With a Transparent Background Using Chasys Draw IES?

Altered flowerChasys Draw IES is a program that is different from the norm, and in this day of so many cookie cutter businesses and software, that is not a bad thing. Here is how you create a trans... Read More »

Infobox Wiki Image Help!!!!!?

I know what you're saying, Ai. It's awful. The pic you see is *exactly* the same as the smaller one labelled "Sakura as a child". Just a different pose. And a different jacket. Anyway, the reason t... Read More »

Insert image in Wiki-Sites?

.Dear Pneuma: I really do not know. I just want to congratulate you because each day I discover that you are very smart and know a lot.I wish you success, because in this way manage to exhibit your... Read More »