How do I cover balsa wood models with tissue?

Answer PreparationSand the model surfaces where the tissue will be attached. Lay the model or piece on the tissue and cut the tissue outline so there is about a 1/2-inch overlap of the part to be covered.... Read More »

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How to Paint Balsa Wood Models?

Balsa wood is used in modeling because it is lightweight, inexpensive, easy to cut, and easy to work with. However, balsa wood is not easy to paint because it is a spongy material and absorbs the p... Read More »

How do i build with balsa wood for kids?

Balsa wood is cheap, lightweight, easy to cut, saw, sand and paint, and can be used in almost any kid's construction project you can imagine. Thin balsa wood can be cut with a scissors or razor kni... Read More »

Is a balsa wood structure stronger with or without glue?

Balsa wood structures are stronger with glue, because glue consistently proves stronger than balsa wood itself. In testing, when balsa wood was broken apart and glued back together, when put under ... Read More »

Is craft with balsa wood safe for under 5 year olds?

It's probably the safest wood around, as it's more like cardboard than wood. Use as much as you need. It's very safe.