How do I count the number of characters in MS Excel?

Answer Use the LEN FunctionClick on the cell where you want the character count result to appear. Type "=LEN(cell#)" where cell# is the cell whose characters you want to count. For example, if you want to... Read More »

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How do I count the length of a string of mixed english and chinese characters using VBA in excel?

The LEN function only returns the number of characters in a string expression. LEN returns a Long data type (A 4-byte integer ranging in value from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647) containing the ... Read More »

Who are all the characters in mina and the count?

Tara Strong (originally Ashley Johnson) - Mina Harper: A 7 year old human child with red long hair and red clothes. She likes to go to school and to play with her toys and she battles with her sist... Read More »

How can I make excel count "X" as 1 in a spreadsheet?

Let us say that your list of Tasks are in column A and that column B will or will not have an "X" in it, depending on whether it was completed or not.Here is the formula: =COUNTIF(B:B,"x")/COUNTA(A... Read More »

How to Create a Word Phrase Count in Excel?

Excel's COUNT function returns the number of times a specific criterion is met in a specified range or cells in an Excel worksheet. In combination with the IF function and standard character wildca... Read More »