How do I correctly tape drywall?

Answer Applying First LayerMix mud compound to the consistency of pudding using a drill with a mixing attachment. Dip a 4-inch putty knife into the mud mixture and begin smoothing it into the cracks betwe... Read More »

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How do I mud& tape drywall using mesh tape?

Apply the TapeCut the mesh drywall tape to the length of each joint. Center the tape over each joint, placing one hand at the top to hold it in place and pulling your other hand downward to secure ... Read More »

How do I tape a drywall box?

PreparationCover the corners of the box with metal corner bead, a metal trim that protects the corners and helps the compound adhere better. Cut the bead according to your measurements with tin sni... Read More »

How do I tape& bed drywall?

Apply the TapeCut the drywall tape to the length of each joint. Spread an ample layer of drywall mud about 5 inches wide over each joint using a drywall tool. Place the tape on the mud at the cente... Read More »

How do i mud&tape drywall?

Spread MudSpread mud over the joint between the two sections of drywall. Cover all areas that will be taped.Add TapeWet both sides of the tape. Place the tape on the mud to cover the joint. Make su... Read More »