How do I copyright my videos?

Answer The process of producing a video automatically produces a work protected by copyright. The only requirement for a copyright is that the work must exist in a fixed form. Obtaining the full protectio... Read More »

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Uploading videos without copyright strike?

i think it's called 'creative commons' (or it's something similar)where by the users uploads a copyrighted video for the intent of education or for people who would otherwise not be able to see som... Read More »

Are YouTube videos protected by copyright law?

According to Central Michigan University, YouTube videos uploaded by users are protected under copyright law. However, people can use the lesser of 10 percent or 3 minutes of a Youtube clip without... Read More »

How to Prevent Copyright Violation of Your Videos on Youtube?

You like to put videos on YouTube, but someone keeps stealing them and either passing them off as his/her own or taking your rightful traffic away.

How to keep videos with songs on youtube without copyright infringement?

I regret to inform you that any music which is not your creationand used as part of your video is indeed copyright infringement.Companies like UMG, Warner and Viacom not only "own" theirmusic, they... Read More »